September 30, 2009

Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT Flash Drive

What is it with us women and Hello Kitty? We really go crazy over this little feline. I admit I have a few Hello Kitty trinkets myself and I would definitely love to add to my collection with MIMOBOT's Hello Kitty flash drive. MIMOBOT, which specializes in designer flash drives, created the Hello Kitty flash drive in honor of Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary.

Pricing for the Hello Kitty flash drive is as follows: 2GB ($24.95), 4GB ($34.95), and 8GB ($49.95). Click here to purchase.

September 26, 2009

Exclusive: We Are Heroes Interview

With so many reality dance and singing competitions on television these days it’s hard to take any of these shows serious. I became a fan of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew a little while ago because I had a roommate who was really, really into the show. ABDC really struck a cord in me because of the passion I see in the dancer’s. It’s more than just a competition for them. It’s about respect, integrity, and well, dancing their asses off.

For those of you who have been keeping up with this recent season you’re probably quite familiar with the two crews competing in the finale tomorrow, We Are Heroes and Afroboriken. I’ve been rooting for We Are Heroes because personally I’d LOVE to see an all female crew win this season and I’m quite sure they have the talent to do just that. Recently, I was fortunate enough to ask the girls of We Are Heroes a few questions before the ABDC finale tomorrow.

The D Diaries:
When I first read about We Are Heroes being part of this latest season of ABDC I was really taken aback by the name We Are Heroes. How did this name come about?

We Are Heroes: Our name WE ARE HEROES came about because we realized that we are all heroes to each other because we wouldn’t be able to do our dances without each person in the crew. Hiro brought the group together and that’s where we thought first of the name HEROES and then it evolved.

TDD: With all the accomplishments you all have made on ABDC would you consider yourselves "heroes" in the dance world?

WAH: We would definitely consider ourselves heroes in the dance world. We put a whole new style on the map. Image wise and choreography wise. We are a different crew that the dance world hasn’t seen.

TDD: What do you think a win for We Are Heroes would mean for female crews across the world?

WAH: If we were to win we would be so happy to make way for other girl crews out there that are trying to do their thing their own way. It’s ok to be sexy and womanly but to not let that carry your dance but to ascent it. And we would be happy to represent that by being the first ABDC girl crew winner.

TDD: Being a female crew has there ever been any pressure to conform into something you aren't?

WAH: Of course, being a girl crew who is comfortable with their sexuality you don’t want people to try to take advantage of that. So we know how to stand our ground but be able to please all different types of fans and audiences without running into things that take our morals away.

TDD: What advice would you give to the thousands of female dance crews out there pursuing their dreams in dance?

WAH: Any crew or dancer, but especially girl crews we do have advice. Please don’t let your sexiness rule your dancing, but don’t shy away from it. All girls want respect so in order to get that you have to be confident and knowledgeable. Know what kind of crew you are and in hip hop dance you have to know your foundation in the elements of hip hop and automatically respect will come.

TDD: What are some of the obstacles you've face individually and as a group?

WAH: Every person on this show has had some type of struggle. We have had injuries in our crew – Mami and Nichelle and that was a downer for us and for them individually. We haven’t been a crew for that long at all and this was the most intense thing we have done together so we had to learn who plays what roles and what is everyone’s strongest skill as well as the challenges with the music and the challenges themselves and making them up in only a couple of days.

Once ABDC is over, what's next for We Are Heroes?

WAH: Next for WE ARE HEROES is lots of shows! Hope to do that internationally and continue to inspire many people and dancers. We are excited to make up more routines and challenge ourselves and continue to outdo ourselves. We plan to stay in the dance world and in the public eye and share the love of dance with everyone who wants to.

The season four finale of America’s Best Dance Crew airs on Sunday, September 27 at 9 p.m. on MTV.

September 25, 2009

Free Ghostface/MySpace Music Show In NYC

In celebration of the upcoming release of Ghostface Killah's latest album Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City, MySpace Music will be holding a concert at The Hiro Ballroom in New York City on Wednesday, September 30.

To RSVP to this event send an e-mail to The event is 21+ and dress code will be strictly enforced ('cause who would dare think of wearing sneakers and jeans to a Ghostface show).

Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City
will be released on September 29.

Bye Bye Boosie

As many of you may already know rapper Lil Boosie was sentenced to two years in prison this week for drug possession. I'm sure the justice system could really care less about sending rappers to prison for however long they want so my question is why do rappers insist on partaking in dumbness?

Here is Boosie's official statement on his sentencing:

“I am looking forward to putting this all behind me and would like to thank my fans and industry fam for their continued support of me and SuperBad. I need y’all to know that I am still recording and working on a new record that will come out Fall 2010 and I plan to be home in time to promote it. I am also in the studio working on a new mix tape with Young Jeezy and set to release the movie, “Ghetto Stories: The Movie” by the end of the year. Y’all ain’t 'gon miss me. Believe that."

September 24, 2009

Red Bull Emsee Battle Recap

Last night, Red Bull held their first-ever (don't quote me on that) Emsee Battle here in good ol' Atlanta, Georgia. The event was hosted by Dres Tha Beatnik and consisted of 10 emcee's freestyling based on images they were given. It consisted of three rounds, with round two consisting of only five emcee's and round three with only three emcee's. Judges for the event included rapper Talib Kweli, producer 9th Wonder, and Adeem.

A rapper named Manchild, who I personally wasn't really feeling, won the battle. And prior to them announcing the winners of the battle Talib Kweli hit the stage to perform about five songs. His energy was CRAZY!!

Be sure to check out my footage of Talib Kweli's performance because I actually did a good job filming this time!

Jay-Z & Oprah Together Again

Oprah's continuing her season premiere week/month/whatever with an episode today (September 24) that will feature her interview with rapper Jay-Z. I'm sure you all remember a few months back when Oprah and Jay-Z visited Marcy Projects. Well, I'm pretty sure that the episode today will feature some footage from their visit. Trust me, today's episode will be major, like Twitter Trending Topics major so be sure to check it out (if you can).

September 21, 2009

Complex's The Clipse x KAWS Cover

Hip Hop duo The Clipse recently teamed up with artist KAWS for the October/November issue of Complex Magazine. The Clipse's ’Till The Casket Drops is expected to be released some time in the near future and the Oct/Nov issue of Complex will drop on October 6.

Check out this behind the scenes footage of The Clipse:

Roll With Respect

It's kind of ironic that I came across this video today because my mom and I were just talking about how people never seem to want to give their seats up on the train/bus to the elderly, pregnant women, etc. It's sad. Get outta your seat and "roll with respect."

Goodie Mob Marta PSA from Motion Family on Vimeo.

September 20, 2009

Goodie Mob Reunion & Hennessy Artistry

Last night, I had the opportunity to see music icons Goodie Mob, The Roots, Common, and Boyz II Men perform live. It was AMAZING!

Both shows were great. I got to see Goodie Mob perform two of my favorite songs by them, "Soul Food" and "Beautiful Skin." And the environment was crazy! You could tell that everyone in Masquerade Park was feeling it...white people, black people, Hispanic people, everyone! They definitely gave us a reason to "Remember Atlanta." I really hope that as a result of Goodie Mob's monumental show that folks here will give more respect to the artists who paved the way for Atlanta Hip Hop.

Over at Hennessy Artistry, Common was bringing it with songs like "Used To Love H.E.R." and "The People", backed by The Roots. Aside from stellar performances by The Roots and Common, we were also treated to a surprise performance by legendary R&B group Boyz II Men. The audience went CRAZY, singing along to classic songs like "End Of The Road" and "Motown Philly."

I was able to get some FlipCam footage from both events, but please keep in mind that I failed FlipCam 101 and big, football player looking dudes like to stand directly in front of me whenever I'm trying to film something. But I did the best I could. Enjoy!

September 18, 2009


I just finished watching VH1's Behind The Music: Pink and let me tell you, I already respected Pink as an artist and now I have even more respect for her. Really because of her boldness. She wasn't afraid to leave the R&B Pink that people had grown to love for the more rock n' roll, free-willed Pink. And I love her for that! A lot of artists in the music industry are so afraid to be who they are instead of what the label's tell them they should be.

The video below, "Dear Mr. President", is hands down my favorite Pink song. She went IN on Bush!!

Travel Chan Stan

I love the Travel Channel. Yea, you could probably call me a "Travel Chan Stan." With so many networks out there playing pure nonsense I find it refreshing to be able to tune in to good ol' channel 60 (Travel Channel here in the ATL) and get a glimpse at how the rest of the world lives. I've always dreamed of travel to distant places and the Travel Channel has really inspired me to succeed at what I am doing so that one day I will be able to travel the world.

At the moment, I'd probably say No Reservations is easily my favorite show. Anthony Bourdain is THE MAN, enough said. But if you all thought Bourdain was a little zany then wait til you check out the guys from Madventures.

Just to kind of give you an idea of how wild this show is gonna be the very first clip I saw of Madventures Riku, one of the shows hosts, is videotaped getting a massage from a transvestite in Southeast Asia! Hilarious. I wish I could embed the video, but that option wasn't available so to check it out click here.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. For the first episode, Riku and his fellow-host Tunna visit a Brazilian favela run by gang members. But before stepping foot in the favela Riku gets a diamond sewn under his skin in case of a potential robbery? I add a question mark to that not because I'm unsure if he actually does it or not (because he does), but that's insane! Questionably insane! I'm quite sure there will be more madness to come when Riku and Tunna visit Southeast Asia, Russia, and more.

Madventures premieres on Travel Channel on Monday, September 21, at 10 E/P.

Be sure to check out the promo video for Madventures for a little taste of what this season has in store.

Live Nation Club Passport

I was quite impressed earlier this week when I received an e-mail from the folks over at Live Nation explaining one of their latest promotions. It's called Club Passport and it allows you to check out an unlimited number of shows at Live Nation venues for the rest of the year for only $49.99. I'm not sure if this is a new promotion by Live Nation, but it sounds like a hell of a great deal especially if you're an avid concert-goer.

There's only about one venue per city that's participating in this promotion. Here in Atlanta it's The Tabernacle. But as long as the show's not sold out you're in there! And trust me with this recession only really big named artists are selling out.

Club Passport will only be available for a limited time so be sure to check out Live Nation's site if you're interested.

September 17, 2009

"And The Nominees Are..."

As most of you may know, BET announced the nominee's for the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards on Wednesday, September 16. No I am not here to express my excitement regarding the nominations, but instead I plan on pointing out how one of the most out of touch networks in the nation (BET...duh) has screwed up yet again. And GO!

Let's first start off with the brand-spanking new category Best Hip-Hop "Blog" Site. I guess we can't find it all that surprising that BET really has no idea what a blog is. Here's the nominees:

All Hip Hop (Not a blog! Obviously)
Nah Right (Should obviously take the win)
SOHH (90.2% sure they aren't a blog either. Well, they obviously didn't start out as one...)
This Is 50 (50 Cent is my arch enemy)
World Star Hip Hop (Lies...obviously)

Why aren't 2DopeBoyz nominated???

And on a side note, the award for Best Use Of The Word "Obviously" In A Blog Entry About The BET Hip Hop Awards goes to...*drum roll*...ME! Sorry, I get kind of zany when I blog past 11:30.

My other grave concern is the fact that "Ice Cream Paint Job" is even nominated. Who the f**k is Dorrough? Is this dude even Hip Hop? Yea...didn't think so.

In my opinion, the only truly decent category with noteworthy artists is Rookie Of The Year (minus Dorrough). You've got Wale, Drake, Kid Cudi, and B.o.B. I mean all the nominee's in that category were pretty predictable, but at least there's some talent there (aside from the categories with Jay-Z, TI, Kanye, etc).

Oh Oh! Actually, I'm quite impressed that BET added Q'Tip's The Renaissance to their CD Of The Year category. I looove, love, looooved that album!

Aside from that, the usual suspects were nominated (i.e. TI, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc).

Oh, and Kanye West received the most nominations. Nine, I believe. But don't expect Kanye to pull a "Taylor Swift" at this awards show. No, no, no.

It's Still Not Too Late...

To cop those Goodie Mob reunion tickets. This show is going to be EPIC. All of Atlanta (fans, artists, etc) will be out in full force to show support for legendary Hip Hop group Goodie Mob. This is definitely a show not to be missed.

There's only about two days left until the Saturday show and I'm not sure how much longer tickets will be available. Check the flyer for more info.

September 15, 2009

WebbaFied - "Brooklyn Nights"

So not to sound corny or anything, but when I first saw this video I got chills. These are the kind of music videos I love...raw, gritty, REAL. There's a lot of songs out there that claim to be the anthem for Brooklyn (one of the most recognized cities in this world), but "Brooklyn Nights" really does it justice.

And please, if you're feeling this video like I am feel free to spread the word: comment, post it on your blog, e-mail it to people, etc. It would be greatly appreciated. Let's spread REAL music!

Pac Div - "Pac Div"

The boys of Pac Div are at it again, the trio has just released the video for their self-titled song "Pac Div" off their Church League Champions project. See below for the video.

Honey Magazine Is Looking For Fall Interns

For all you students looking for internships this fall you're in luck, one of the hottest sites out is looking for fall interns. I'm sure this would be the internship of a lifetime for the selected few. See below for more info:

"We’re looking for fall interns to come help us out here at Honey. If you would like to be one, e-mail us a RESUME, COVER LETTER detailing why you’re the perfect candidate, 3 WRITING SAMPLES (200 words or less in the Honey voice), and a PHOTO. If you’re not looking for an internship but know someone in the New York area who is, please forward this along. Thanks!

Interested in fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, and lifestyle? Have experience in journalism and online media? is looking for full-time and part-time fall editorial interns. Ideal candidates are dedicated, responsible, reliable, enthusiastic, detail-oriented and mature. You should have CMS and HTML experience, as well as solid writing and reporting skills. Your duties will include updating the site on a daily basis, conducting research for articles, transcribing interviews, calling in products to review, fact-checking, and managing our contacts database. We need someone who will be able to hit the ground running, with little direction. We will contact you if we’re interested in bringing you in for an interview. Incomplete applications will not be considered and bullshitters need not apply. Do not call."

Contact: Courtney Willis (Features Editor),

The Blueprint 3 Outtakes By Alex Goose

I can't say I'm familiar with Alex Goose, but apparently he was chosen to submit some tracks for Jay Z's Blueprint 3 album. Unfortunately, none of them were chosen but Alex decided to post the tracks online for download and they are definitely hot. Although I haven't given all of Alex's tracks a listen, one track in particular really stands out to me. The title of the track is "Success" and it has this Pulp Fiction meets the Old West feel to it. Definitely different and it would have been a great look if it was accepted for BP3...ahhh well.

Check out Alex's site to preview and download The Blueprint 3 Outtakes.

September 14, 2009

HAD To Post This

Apparently, Kanye West isn't done with his interruptions just yet. I believe CNN has just obtained footage of Kanye interrupting a speech given by President Obama! Someone has to stop this man. Amber...get your man.

That was HILARIOUS wasn't it?! LOL, Okay I am DONE. *poof*

Kidrobot Sample Sale

To all my NYC shoppers, check out Kidrobot later this week for some exclusive deals going down as part of their sample sale.

September 13, 2009

Stealing They Shine (VMA Recap)

This years MTV Video Music Awards seemed to be tainted by what I'd like to call "Shine Stealers". These thieves made young girls cry and embarrassed themselves in front of Hip Hop royalty. Unless you happen to live in a cave you know I'm referring specifically to Kanye West and Lil Mama.

I'm not even gonna put on a front and say I didn't let out a little chuckle after the whole Kanye/Taylor incident went down. (Yea I know, shame on me) I just found it pretty crazy that Taylor Swift beat out Pink, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc. But at the end of the day Kanye ruined a pretty important moment for Taylor, who in actuality is still a kid. I've heard rumors of him apologizing or at least acknowledging what he did, but I don't believe that's been confirmed yet. Kanye did a really fucked up thing, but thankfully Beyonce kind of resolved the matter later in the show.

Now on to Shine Stealer #2, Lil Mama. I really don't have too much to say about her randomly jumping on stage with Jay Z and A. Keys. It was bizarre and she made herself look like an idiot in front of millions. Getting the cold shoulder by HOV is never a good look.

Aside from the VMA's now infamous Shine Stealers the show did have some highlights. It was great seeing Janet Jackson and all those dancers in the Michael Jackson tribute. It was definitely a nice way to start off the show. Beyonce danced her ass off during her "Single Ladies" performance and Pink got all Cirque Du Soleil on us with her "Sober" performance.

Oh yes, and the VMA's are in fact an awards show so I should probably add some commentary on who walked away with what award but umm err none of that was exciting so I'll go ahead and pass on that.

Although this years VMA's doesn't come close to the awards shows back in the 90's it was definitely entertaining. Although what made it entertaining was the stupidity of certain individuals, but hey MTV isn't what it used to be so what do we expect.

Here's that "apology". I believe it was posted on Kanye's blog, but I found it on Miss Info's site.

September 11, 2009

Kel Spencer Sets The Mood

In celebration of the upcoming release of rapper Kel Spencer's Salon Stories, Kel Spencer is giving you men folk a little helpful advice when it comes to setting the mood.

Although you might not like to admit it I'm sure you guys have probably had a chic over your house, ya mama's house, your dorm, wherever and you were trying to set the mood but completely murdered it with your soundtrack of Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, and Jim Jones tracks. Don't front it happens to the best of us. Well...the best of you because I'm a chic and I don't really have to deal with stuff like that (thankfully).

Thanks to Kel Spencer you can avert all this with his list of Mood Setters and Mood Killers. Enjoy!

Mood Setters

1. Mary J Blige & Method Man "You're All I Need"

2. Common featuring Erykah Badu "The Light"

3. LL Cool J featuring Mike Shorey "Love You Better"

4. Big Will featuring Kenny Greene from Intro "Chasing Forever"

5. Kel Spencer featuring Quana "Dreamboat"

6. Jodeci featuring Raekwon & Ghostface "Freek 'N You"

7. T.I. featuring Jazze Pha (ALBUM VERSION) "Let's Get Away"

8. Ma$e featuring Total "Tell Me What You Want"

9. Loon featuring Mario Winans "Down For Me"

10. Heavy D "No Matter What"

Mood Killers

1. GS Boyz "Stanky Leg"

2. Young Berg featuring Junior "Sexy Lady"

3. Reel to Real "I Like To Move It"

4.OJ da Juiceman "Make The Trap Aye"

5. Soulja Boy Tell 'em "Kiss Me Thru The Phone"

Hopefully, Kel's list might help you the next time you're trying to get laid err, I mean the next time you're at home enjoying a glass of wine with some nice female company! Also, feel free to share your personal list of Mood Setters and Mood Killers.

Be sure to check out Kel Spencer's Salon Stories when it drops on October 20. In the mean time, Kel has put out a sampler of the album which can be downloaded here. And if you're in the New York City area on September 23 Kel will be holding a Video Premiere Party at Pop Lounge from 6 to 11 p.m.

Free Tix To VH1's 2009 Hip Hop Honors

Straight up...if you're a fan of Hip Hop and you'll be in NYC during the taping of Hip Hop Honors and you DON'T apply for these free tickets then you are out your damn mind!! I've been to Hip Hop Honors the past three years and it's always a great time. Out of all the awards shows out there (BET Awards, VMA's, etc.) I most look forward to watching Hip Hop Honors because it's the most genuine in my opinion.

PLEASE apply for these tickets as soon as you can. I have attended every single Hip Hop Honors I have applied to because I made sure I did it ASAP. Check out the information below to apply:


Type “HHH 2009” in subject line of email and include the following:

GUEST NAMES(You can bring 2 guests with you):




Fuck rules :-)

The D Diaries Turns 1!!!!!!

Paaaarty over here, party over here! LOL.

Today, September 11 marks one year since I made my first blog entry here at The D Diaries. To be honest I'm actually pretty proud of myself for sticking with it this long. I've started blogs in the past and none of them have lasted more than a few months so this really is quite the milestone for me. I know there's been times where I've slacked off due to computer problems, personal issues, etc. but I always came back!

And to the people who have actually read my blog, made comments, e-mailed me THANK YOU!! Not to sound corny or anything, but whenever I see someone has commented on something I wrote or e-mailed me I get extra happy. Yea, I told you...corny, right? Lol, but it is true.

To "celebrate" my blog lasting this long I think I'm actually gonna sit down and really try and come up with some crazy, hopefully insightful, weird ass ideas for The D Diaries to keep you all entertained for the next year.

Well, that about wraps it up for me and thanks again to all the people who have checked out The D Diaries. You rock! xoxoxo and all that good stuff :-)

Curious Cudi

Is it just me or does rapper Kid Cudi kind of resemble Curious George? Yea, you see it don't you? Ha! Okay, that is all.

September 10, 2009

Fashion's Night Out!

As I'm typing this New York City is about to take part in the first ever Fashion's Night Out. As part of Fashion's Night Out hundreds of shops in New York City will stay open until 11 p.m. There will also be impromptu performances and tons of free giveaways. Have fun tonight NYC!

Check out the Fashion's Night Out promo video below:

September 9, 2009

Red Bull EmSee Event In ATL

September is truly turning out to be a great month for music, as far as album releases and events are concerned. Aside from the Slaughterhouse/Killer Mike and Goodie Mob shows happening later this month in ATL we also have the FREE Red Bull Emsee event going down on September 23.

The event, which will be an emcee battle revolving around images, will be judged by 9th Wonder, Adeem, and Talib Kweli. Talib Kweli will also be performing. Check out the flyer for more information.

Oh, and shout out to Senor Kaos for posting the info for this event on his blog.

September 7, 2009

Brittany Bosco Spectrum 2.0 Download

Yay!! Brittany Bosco! Lol, I'm sorry ya'll but I love real artists and Brittany Bosco is definitely bringing it. One of the best voices I've heard in a minute. Alright I'm done being a complete Stan lol. Check out Bosco's Spectrum 2.0 which was released last week (late pass).

<a href="">Welcome to Funkyolon by BRITTANY BOSCO</a>

Novel - F**k With My Mind

Check out this latest video from Novel, a singer/songwriter/rapper based out of Atlanta. If you're a fan of good music with soul plus lyrics then you may definitely want to check him out. Also, look out for radio show host Angela Yee who stars in the video alongside Novel.

September 4, 2009

EOW Anniversary Weekend!!!

For anyone who will be in the New York City area you have to....scratch that, YOU NEED TO check out End Of The Weak's (EOW) nine year anniversary festivities this weekend. If you're a fan of Hip Hop chances are you've heard of EOW which happens to be the longest running weekly open mic in NYC. Not only that, but in the past few years EOW has gone global with branches in Europe and South America.

On Saturday, September 5 EOW will be kicking off their anniversary weekend with a FREE concert at the East River Park Bandshell that will feature performances by Immortal Technique, Serius Jones, Iron Solomon, and more. The following day EOW will be holding their weekly open mic but with a special performance by Mickey Factz and I'm quite sure there will be a few surprises as well.

For more information on EOW and this weekends events visit

Atlanta Nerds Unite!

For the 2009 AJC Decatur Book Festival taking place this weekend (September 4-6) in downtown Decatur. If books aren't your thing there will also be live music, food, and loads of activities. And it looks like the weather this weekend will be perfect for an outdoor festival.

NBA 2K10 Soundtrack

NBA 2K is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a very eclectic soundtrack for its upcoming game, NBA 2K10. The soundtrack will feature everyone from Ace Hood to Matisyahu.

In celebration of this weeks announcement the folks at NBA 2K are offering free downloads of “They’re Everywhere” (Izza Kizza) and “Run Away” (Donnie Bravo). To download both songs, click here.

Here is a complete listing of the tracks that will be featured on the NBA 2K10 soundtrack:

Ace Hood - Top of the World
Adam Tensta - My Cool
Akala - The Edge
Al Kapone - Rock This
Chali2na - Lock it Down (Instrumental)
Chali2na – International (feat. Beenie Man)
Donnie Bravo - Run Away
Duo Live - Shootin
Flo Rida - ROOTS
Iglu & Hartly - In this City
Illinois - Hang On
Izza Kizza - They’re Everywhere
K’naan - Wavin’ the Flag
Kanye West - Amazing
Kenan Bell - Like This
Matisyahu - One Day
Metric - Help I’m Alive
Metronomy - Radio Ladio
MGMT - Electric Feel
Miike Snow - Black & Blue
Na├»ve New Breeders - Can’t Choose
Ratatat - Falcon Jab
Ratatat - Mirando
Saul Williams - List of Demands (Reparations)
Sportsrushaz - Iron
The Game - Champion (Exclusive and original track)
The Moog - Joyclad Armies
Vincent Van Go Go - Do You Know

NBA 2K10 will be available in stores on October 6.

September 3, 2009

Shut Your Face Global Grind!

Giving people an outlet to speak their mind is great and all, but you are over-fucking-doing-it. Who really wants to see a blog by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer's jump-off? Seriously? Who?! Global Grind used to be a decent site before they started bringing in all these guest blogs. And it's like they're trying to pride themselves on exclusivity.

Do you know why all their blogs seem to be exclusive? Because no one else cares enough about people like Ashley Dupre to give them any limelight. I know all this might seem a little mean or overly judgmental, but I CAN'T be the only one who's getting fed up with people becoming famous based on their negative actions.

I know that recently changed up their format to make room for all these "exclusive" celebrity blogs but I really hope they go back to being a Hip Hop/music site because it's looking really wack right about now.

To check out where all my anger is coming from, click here.

Recap Of Dos Equis Event In ATL

Last night (September 2) Dos Equis held their Most Interesting Academy event at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. It was definitely a good time. Although it's basically impossible to not have a good time when there's free beer involved.

In the main area they had DJ Craze and DJ Klever spinning and a couple of folks, including myself, were getting our dance on in the front. They also had separate rooms with all kinds of weird ish going on like How To Catch A Shark and Birds Of Prey with live birds like falcons and some other birds whose names I forget. Oh! And there was free beer, not sure if I mentioned that or not. In the side rooms they were also doing free paintings and henna tattoos. I managed to get some FlipCam footage of the event to post on here so check it out.