September 26, 2009

Exclusive: We Are Heroes Interview

With so many reality dance and singing competitions on television these days it’s hard to take any of these shows serious. I became a fan of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew a little while ago because I had a roommate who was really, really into the show. ABDC really struck a cord in me because of the passion I see in the dancer’s. It’s more than just a competition for them. It’s about respect, integrity, and well, dancing their asses off.

For those of you who have been keeping up with this recent season you’re probably quite familiar with the two crews competing in the finale tomorrow, We Are Heroes and Afroboriken. I’ve been rooting for We Are Heroes because personally I’d LOVE to see an all female crew win this season and I’m quite sure they have the talent to do just that. Recently, I was fortunate enough to ask the girls of We Are Heroes a few questions before the ABDC finale tomorrow.

The D Diaries:
When I first read about We Are Heroes being part of this latest season of ABDC I was really taken aback by the name We Are Heroes. How did this name come about?

We Are Heroes: Our name WE ARE HEROES came about because we realized that we are all heroes to each other because we wouldn’t be able to do our dances without each person in the crew. Hiro brought the group together and that’s where we thought first of the name HEROES and then it evolved.

TDD: With all the accomplishments you all have made on ABDC would you consider yourselves "heroes" in the dance world?

WAH: We would definitely consider ourselves heroes in the dance world. We put a whole new style on the map. Image wise and choreography wise. We are a different crew that the dance world hasn’t seen.

TDD: What do you think a win for We Are Heroes would mean for female crews across the world?

WAH: If we were to win we would be so happy to make way for other girl crews out there that are trying to do their thing their own way. It’s ok to be sexy and womanly but to not let that carry your dance but to ascent it. And we would be happy to represent that by being the first ABDC girl crew winner.

TDD: Being a female crew has there ever been any pressure to conform into something you aren't?

WAH: Of course, being a girl crew who is comfortable with their sexuality you don’t want people to try to take advantage of that. So we know how to stand our ground but be able to please all different types of fans and audiences without running into things that take our morals away.

TDD: What advice would you give to the thousands of female dance crews out there pursuing their dreams in dance?

WAH: Any crew or dancer, but especially girl crews we do have advice. Please don’t let your sexiness rule your dancing, but don’t shy away from it. All girls want respect so in order to get that you have to be confident and knowledgeable. Know what kind of crew you are and in hip hop dance you have to know your foundation in the elements of hip hop and automatically respect will come.

TDD: What are some of the obstacles you've face individually and as a group?

WAH: Every person on this show has had some type of struggle. We have had injuries in our crew – Mami and Nichelle and that was a downer for us and for them individually. We haven’t been a crew for that long at all and this was the most intense thing we have done together so we had to learn who plays what roles and what is everyone’s strongest skill as well as the challenges with the music and the challenges themselves and making them up in only a couple of days.

Once ABDC is over, what's next for We Are Heroes?

WAH: Next for WE ARE HEROES is lots of shows! Hope to do that internationally and continue to inspire many people and dancers. We are excited to make up more routines and challenge ourselves and continue to outdo ourselves. We plan to stay in the dance world and in the public eye and share the love of dance with everyone who wants to.

The season four finale of America’s Best Dance Crew airs on Sunday, September 27 at 9 p.m. on MTV.