March 10, 2011

Aleon Craft Releases Short But Sweet "Look Twice" Video

A cloaked Aleon Craft against a dark, dismal background pretty much sums up the music video for his track "Look Twice" which lasts just a little longer than a minute. But in a world where Hip Hop videos have become more so about showing out than the actual music this video works for me. In the "Look Twice" video there's nothing to deter you from paying attention to what matters the most and that is lyrics.

SyFy Channel Looking For Campus Ghost Stories

If I was still at Florida State I would definitely be all for this. While I was at FSU I remember hearing about a dorm (Cawthon Hall) that was haunted by the ghost of some girl who got hit by lightning while on the roof during a freak storm. I think I may have even mentioned it in a story I wrote for their newspaper. But if you are a college student or even alumni and know of any places on your campus that are haunted then the SyFy channel is looking for you. Here's more info:

"Jarrett Creative Group and the Syfy cable TV network are seeking high school and college students (or alumni) who have come in contact with paranormal activity on their campus!

If you have had a first hand experience with ghosts, hauntings or other unexplained phenomena at your school we want to hear it and your story might make it on television!

**Students, Alumni, Parents, or Faculty are welcome to share their stories.

We are looking for stories from schools ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!
If you or someone you know has a story to tell, and you are at least 16 years old, please email us at:

Write "School Spirit" in the subject line and include the following:
AGE (must be at least 16 years old):
DETAILED EXPERIENCE OF YOUR HAUNTING (Be as specific and detailed as possible):

March 9, 2011

"Base For Your Face" Second by Second Play By Play

Note To Readers: I'm actually typing all of this as I'm listening to this song for the first time. Amazing, right? *clicks play*

0:03 - Definitely, definitely can't be mad at a Public Enemy sample.

0:15 - Off the bat I really feel like I'm gonna like this song even though I really want to hate it. Not necessarily hate it, but with Lil B's lyrical mediocrity I find it hard to like anything this dude's apart of. But anywho...

0:32 - Jean Grae: "Thank you based God." Wow, lol.

1:18 - Lil B's verse wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I know that's super vague but hey that's life. It was cool. It made sense. I just feel like with the stuff he's released so far it kinda takes you by surprise when you hear Lil B rapping about some legit stuff. So I guess I'm still digesting it all. Hopefully there's a second verse to weigh in on.

1:42 - I always get crazy excited when I hear a female rapper actually RAPPING. I know Jean Grae isn't the only genuine female rapper out but it's like digging for gold when it comes to real female rappers.

2:30 - Verse #Winning.

3:03 - Sometimes when I hear Lil B rapping I actually see Mike Tyson rapping. Not really sure where that comes from.

3:13 - Still wasn't terribly impressed by Lil B but it is pretty much better than everything else I've heard from him.

3:26 - "We gonna make 'em mad on this one nigga." In Charlie Sheen voice: Duhhhhh.

3:43 - Okay, we all know Phonte can rap so I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this play by play up so I can enjoy the rest of the song and this amazing 9th Wonder beat without typing furiously.

Click here to listen to "Base For Your Face."

Perfect Attendance Announce Pimpin' SXSW Lineup

So if you follow me on Twitter you'll have to pardon my extremely sarcastic "I'm not going to SXSW and if you are you suck" Tweets and other randomness...

But I'm not a complete jerk so if I hear about a few pimpin' SXSW showcases I'll definitely spread the word. Take for instance the Perfect Attendance show, they've just revealed their lineup and it looks pretty pimpin'. (Please excuse my excessive use of the word "pimpin" today. Apparently I think I'm Snoop Dogg.) Here are just a handful of the acts you can expect to see at the SXSW Perfect Attendance showcase: Big K.R.I.T., Blu, Cyhi Da Prynce, Freddie Gibbs, Tanya Morgan, Laws, and Aleon Craft.

Check out the flyer below for more info on the showcase. And yea, if you're going to SXSW I still hate you! Kidding...or am I? Hmm...

Question For The Nail Polish Fiends...

Have any of you tried the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips? I saw them in an ad in Essence mag then I saw them at Walgreens about a week ago. I would have bought them, but they were about $10 and I was a little skeptical about how well they might work. I'm a fan of nail art, but thanks to an annoyingly unsteady hand it's hard for me to do it on my own nails so the Nail Polish Strips seem like a nice alternative. I think I'll give 'em a go just for the heck of it and I will definitely be reviewing them on here no matter what the results are. But let's just hope my 10 bucks are worth it.

Rittz's "White Jesus" Vid

Georgia rapper Rittz (yea, the guy with the hair) has released the video for his track "White Jesus" and it definitely wasn't what I was expecting...not at all, but that's a good thing! The video, which was directed by YelaWolf, features a creepy Asian chic who cries ink and even some audio from pastor Joel Osteen (at least I think that's him). Either way it's an interesting combination of stuff you wouldn't expect. Also, be sure to check out the White Jesus mixtape which is available for download on DJBooth.

Rittz - White Jesus from Matt Swinsky on Vimeo.

March 8, 2011

Waka Flocka's PETA Pic...Awwwkward

Earlier this week PETA released a picture from their "Ink Not Mink" campaign with Waka Flocka and ummm it's definitely not what I expected. I was expecting something a little more "polished" I guess. And I definitely didn't expect his bling to be covering his thing. Ha! Well, see for yourself ladies and gents.

March 7, 2011

Essie Splash Of Grenadine, I Heart You

Ladies, spring is near so I'm sure we're all stocking up on sun dresses, cute flats, and killer shades. While it's of course important to have your wardrobe on point let's not forget about our nails. There's so many spring shades to choose from, but I highly HIGHLY suggest Essie's "Splash Of Grenadine." It's a pinkish-purple color that's the perfect shade for spring. Isn't it purdy?