September 24, 2009

Red Bull Emsee Battle Recap

Last night, Red Bull held their first-ever (don't quote me on that) Emsee Battle here in good ol' Atlanta, Georgia. The event was hosted by Dres Tha Beatnik and consisted of 10 emcee's freestyling based on images they were given. It consisted of three rounds, with round two consisting of only five emcee's and round three with only three emcee's. Judges for the event included rapper Talib Kweli, producer 9th Wonder, and Adeem.

A rapper named Manchild, who I personally wasn't really feeling, won the battle. And prior to them announcing the winners of the battle Talib Kweli hit the stage to perform about five songs. His energy was CRAZY!!

Be sure to check out my footage of Talib Kweli's performance because I actually did a good job filming this time!