September 15, 2009

Honey Magazine Is Looking For Fall Interns

For all you students looking for internships this fall you're in luck, one of the hottest sites out is looking for fall interns. I'm sure this would be the internship of a lifetime for the selected few. See below for more info:

"We’re looking for fall interns to come help us out here at Honey. If you would like to be one, e-mail us a RESUME, COVER LETTER detailing why you’re the perfect candidate, 3 WRITING SAMPLES (200 words or less in the Honey voice), and a PHOTO. If you’re not looking for an internship but know someone in the New York area who is, please forward this along. Thanks!

Interested in fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, and lifestyle? Have experience in journalism and online media? is looking for full-time and part-time fall editorial interns. Ideal candidates are dedicated, responsible, reliable, enthusiastic, detail-oriented and mature. You should have CMS and HTML experience, as well as solid writing and reporting skills. Your duties will include updating the site on a daily basis, conducting research for articles, transcribing interviews, calling in products to review, fact-checking, and managing our contacts database. We need someone who will be able to hit the ground running, with little direction. We will contact you if we’re interested in bringing you in for an interview. Incomplete applications will not be considered and bullshitters need not apply. Do not call."

Contact: Courtney Willis (Features Editor),