September 13, 2009

Stealing They Shine (VMA Recap)

This years MTV Video Music Awards seemed to be tainted by what I'd like to call "Shine Stealers". These thieves made young girls cry and embarrassed themselves in front of Hip Hop royalty. Unless you happen to live in a cave you know I'm referring specifically to Kanye West and Lil Mama.

I'm not even gonna put on a front and say I didn't let out a little chuckle after the whole Kanye/Taylor incident went down. (Yea I know, shame on me) I just found it pretty crazy that Taylor Swift beat out Pink, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc. But at the end of the day Kanye ruined a pretty important moment for Taylor, who in actuality is still a kid. I've heard rumors of him apologizing or at least acknowledging what he did, but I don't believe that's been confirmed yet. Kanye did a really fucked up thing, but thankfully Beyonce kind of resolved the matter later in the show.

Now on to Shine Stealer #2, Lil Mama. I really don't have too much to say about her randomly jumping on stage with Jay Z and A. Keys. It was bizarre and she made herself look like an idiot in front of millions. Getting the cold shoulder by HOV is never a good look.

Aside from the VMA's now infamous Shine Stealers the show did have some highlights. It was great seeing Janet Jackson and all those dancers in the Michael Jackson tribute. It was definitely a nice way to start off the show. Beyonce danced her ass off during her "Single Ladies" performance and Pink got all Cirque Du Soleil on us with her "Sober" performance.

Oh yes, and the VMA's are in fact an awards show so I should probably add some commentary on who walked away with what award but umm err none of that was exciting so I'll go ahead and pass on that.

Although this years VMA's doesn't come close to the awards shows back in the 90's it was definitely entertaining. Although what made it entertaining was the stupidity of certain individuals, but hey MTV isn't what it used to be so what do we expect.

Here's that "apology". I believe it was posted on Kanye's blog, but I found it on Miss Info's site.