February 25, 2009

Poison Pen B-Day "Jamboree"

Lyrics To Go Presents a special Birthday Celebration for Poison Pen @ Deity 368 Atlantic Ave

Come ready to party on 2 floors
Music by
Doors open at 10pm
Ladies free until 12am $10 after on the Lyrics To Go/ Poison Pen Birthday List
$10 for Gentlemen on the Lyrics To Go/Poison Pen Birthday List
Just mention Lyrics To Go or Poison Pen for the reduced rate.
List closes at 1am
No baseball caps

368 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
718.222.DNYC (3692)

Oops...forgot to add the date. It's this Friday, February 27.

Riddim Driven

Now I'm not really big on fashion. I mean I love my handbags, shoes, and accessories just like any other gal out there but you definitely won't be catching me under any of the tents at Fashion Week anytime soon(even if I was invited, lol).

I came across this clothing line called Riddim Driven thanks to Medegine G. It's primarily a mens line, but I found the clothes to be really eye-catching. Even more eye-catching were the prices. T-shirts for $15? Please, you can't even find those prices at Target these days. And the tee's are actually hot!! Aside from the t-shirts Riddim Driven of course also sells pants, jackets, and other apparel.

Here are a few flix from their Fall 08 line, but be sure to check out their new, re-vamped site RiddimDrivenClothing.com for new stuff and those $15 tee's ;-)

HipHopDX Interview With Cam'ron

After what seemed like a permanent hiatus, rapper Cam'ron is back. He's got a new single "I Hate My Job", which in today's recession should probably read more like "I Wish I Had A Job". And his new album Crime Pays is only months away from being released.

Check out an exclusive interview with Cam'ron conducted by Jake Paine of HipHopDX.

February 24, 2009

Deleted Scene From "Road To Redemption"

TI's new reality show "Road To Redemption" has gotten a ton of hype since it debuted two weeks ago. Personally, I really enjoyed the first two episodes but now that we're on the third episode it seems to be getting a little redundant. Anywho, here is a deleted scene from the show for those of you who are fans.

Elderly Hip Hop Choir

I'm sure a lot of folks have already seen this, but it's just too funny for me not to share.

I'm Back (Again)

Hey folks, after another hiatus I'm back. And I'm really, really gonna try hard to post on a regular basis this time :-) With the stresses of life these days it's sometimes hard to dedicate your time to something 100 percent. But I enjoy blogging a lot so I'm really going to try to.

Anyways, I was checking my e-mails the other day and I got an e-mail from the good folks at EOW about a MTV2 documentary they were gonna appear in. Of course, I'm really glad for them but I really expected to see like 30 seconds of footage of them tops lol. 'Cause I just kinda figured that MTV2 is probably stingy like that. To my surprise and delight, a few of my pals from EOW really got some serious play in this documentary. It's a very good look for them and I'm definitely excited about posting the video on my blog.

So check it out and for those of you who don't know End of the Weak (EOW) holds their weekly open-mic Sunday nights at Pyramid Club in Manhattan's Lower East Side. I assure you you'll have a good time and if you're as lucky as me you might even get shoved by KRS One's security one night :-) Gotta love security...

For more information on the documentary, entitled The Elements, click here.

February 5, 2009


I definitely consider myself a live music stan. To me there's nothing like hearing great music performed live. SO with that being said, I'd like to give my NY folks a heads up on some stuff going on in the near future.

First up, the one and only Dujeous will be performing at NYC Winter Jam '09 which is taking place this Saturday (February 7) from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at East River Park in Manhattan. Did I mention this event is $$$FREE$$$. Gotta love that. Plus there's gonna be a lot of fun stuff to do like tubing and skiing. Yes, skiing!

Another event also happening this Saturday is Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday. You can check out a performance by Afro-Latin band San Juan Hill and more. Visit the BK Museum's Website for more info.

And last, but definitely not least my homie Kosha Dillz will be performing at two events next week. Peep the fliers below for more info! And if you catch me at one of these events feel free to buy me a Pina Colada or two. Ha! Too bad Hip Hop is anti-Pina Colada.

Full Lil Wayne Interview

Hey folks, HipHopDX posted the complete interview of Lil Wayne being interviewed by Katie Couric. Check it out.

February 2, 2009

I Almost Shed A Tear

Jennifer Hudson's performance earlier tonight at the Superbowl was probably one of the most powerful performances of the National Anthem I've ever heard. It was nice seeing J Hud looking great and sounding amazing.

February 1, 2009

My Response To 50 vs. Rick Ross

I could have written up some long editorial sounding blog on how rap beef is extra wack, which it is. But for now this pic I created on Microsoft Paint will have to do.

Can Someone Keep Me Posted On This?

Watch "Making the Band 4" -- Extended Season Preview in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Because my punk ass landlord cut off my cable and this season looks extra dramatic. And nothing makes me happier than reality TV drama. Well, reality TV drama and LOST of course. 'Cause LOST > Everything.

Keyshia Cole On The Cover Of Vibe

I'm feeling the new Vibe cover. It's got a nice, stylish vibe to it. Although I'm still not feeling the new Keyshia Cole. You know...the skinnier more Hollywood one with the straight (although awkward looking) teeth. I miss the old Keyshia :-(

Jazmine Sullivan - "Lions, Tigers, & Bears"

Looove this song.

Thank You Lil Wayne...

For making my day a little more enjoyable after watching clips of your interview with Katie Couric. The awkwardness between you and Ms. Katie cracks me up every time. And since when do gangsters not ask questions? I thought that they just don't answer to 'em...

Can't wait to see the full interview. It's gonna be pure comedy.

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