November 17, 2008

Completely forgot...

So I completely forgot to tell you all the craziest part of my weekend in my update that I posted earlier.

Well, me and my roommates were visited by the police on Friday and that shit was scary as hell! We're probably the most innocent people on my block, but I swear I thought I was going to jail! In typical NYPD fashion, they pretty much invited themselves into our apartment, moved us to one room, and started questioning us on some damn credit card fraud. Oh, wait...PAUSE! I forgot to tell ya'll that about 15 minutes before the police arrived the doorbell rang and it was some guy with a package. I was expecting a pair of boots from UPS so I rushed downstairs to get the door, but when I got down their the package wasn't for me. The delivery person had a package for someone else. I told him they were no longer in the building and I shut the door. Don't you know the delivery man was a damn decoy!!!!! A DECOY, DECOOOOOOY! And if I had signed for that package I wouldn't be writing this right now because my ass would have been locked up!

Okay back to me and my roommates being questioned by the po-po. Well, the main guy was intimidating and extra as hell. Talking about we have your conversations! Then he had the cops go into our rooms to get our cell phones so we could call some number they gave us, again wtf?! After 20 minutes of dumbness, they finally realized we weren't behind this fraud shit and left. Craziness, I just hope we never have to deal with them again. Oh! And even crazier, I made this Obama sign on election day and put it on our apartment door and the police took it down when they visited us. Assholes. But better believe it's back up now :-)

R.I.P. "Total Request Live".

And another music video show bites the dust...

MTV's "Total Request Live" was put to rest yesterday after 10 years of existence. Did anyone happen to catch the finale? I wasn't really too interested in checking it out, I haven't watched that show since the Carson Daly days. Although I kind of wish that I did check it out just to see how pop music has evolved over the past few years, if it has at all. Speaking of music does MTV, the Music Television Network, even show music videos these days? I didn't think so...

I give "106 And Park" two years tops, lol. Rocsi and Terrence better start working on their resumes now.


Howdy everyone! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever even though it's only been like three or four days. But the thing is either my laptop or the adapter is broken so since my laptop battery is completely dead every time I move my computer just a little the adapter somehow becomes unattached to my computer and it shuts off completely :-( It's super annoying.

Because of all this I'm not on the computer as much as I normally am, but I should have some posts up this week :-) Ciao!

November 14, 2008

Review Of Jim Jones' "Hip Hop Monologues".

On November 13, Harlem rapper Jim Jones performed in what will be his last performance of the Damon Dash and J. Kyle Manzay produced “Hip Hop Monologues: Inside The Life And Mind Of Jim Jones”, an Off-Broadway musical that revolves around the life and music of Jim Jones. The two-day only play pulled in a packed audience of fans, media, and celebrities such as Juelz Santana, Busta Rhymes, and Malik Yoba.

A bold venture by Jones, “Hip Hop Monologues” proved to be an interesting mix of music, off-beat acting, and humorous wisecracks.

Jimmy’s journey begins when he is bombarded by groupies, media, and his homeboys in his native Harlem. The festivities are cut short when a game of dice is interrupted by gunfire. The crooked cops have it in for our Hip Hop protagonist and an innocent Jones is linked to the shooting and placed in jail.

Jones is given a second chance by a generous judge, played by Dr. Benjamin Chavis, but in order to receive his second chance he must complete three important tasks which include: attending a sex addicts anonymous meeting, talking to the children, and last but not least apologizing to women.

The rest of the play begins to unfold as Jones attempts to take on the three tasks handed to him by the judge while also dealing with fake friends, relationship problems, and more.

“Hip Hop Monologues” has several questionable moments. For example, a sex scene with Jim and one of his side chick’s is almost immediately followed by a tribute to Stack Bundles creating a bizarre segue. And a heartfelt apology from Jim Jones to the women who are offended by his music is followed by a song with a chorus that proclaims, “This is for my bitches”.

With the birth of Jones’ son we have our happy ending and Jones is soon joined onstage by fellow rapper Juelz Santana for a musical finale that is a little too reminiscent of Saturday night at the club, champagne and all.

No matter how people may perceive Jim Jones’ theatrical debut, the celebrity reporter in the “Hip Hop Monologues” said it best, no matter what Jim Jones will continue to, “Speak his mind and defy the odds”.

November 12, 2008

How You Gonna Let A Marketing Rep Rip Ya Rep...

I love this commercial, lol.

I saw it at the movies once, you know those commercials they show before the previews. But recently I've seen it a lot on TV.

November 10, 2008

Plies, The Future Of Rap?

Well, according to Vibe Magazine he is.

Plies, a rapper whom Vibe is declaring "The future of rap", will grace the cover of the December issue of Vibe Magazine. Now, with all the talented rappers out there who are really about something I really have no clue why they would choose Plies to represent the future of rap. I mean, if they're trying to say that rap is dead then choosing Plies was a great look. If not, I don't know what the hell they were thinking because "Bust It Baby" is definitely the future of Hip Hop [please not extreme sarcasm]. This is definitely a bad look for Vibe in my opinion.

November 7, 2008

Guilty Pleasure.

I'm a big Hip Hop fan, but I definitely listen to more than just Hip Hop. Take for instance this song by New York City rock band Vampire Weekend. I absolutely love it! It's just one of those fun songs you can't help but love. I haven't quite figured out what the song is about yet, but it gets my approval. Fa Sho!

R.I.P. "Rap City"

After 20 Hip-Hop-errific years, BET's "Rap City" is closing its doors tomorrow in a finale show that will air at 10 p.m. on BET.

In my opinion, "Rap City" has kind of fallen off over the past years and this probably stems from the fact that Hip Hop in general has fallen off over the past few years as well. But "Rap City" had a lot of great moments. A who's who of Hip Hoppers chilled in the basement, spoke on their music, and sometimes even kicked a freestyle or two (although the 'freestyle-ness' of some were questionable). All in all, it was a great show and it's somewhat sad to see it go.

Picture of the former hosts of "Rap City".

Upcoming NY Shows.

What's up to all my NY folks! Here's some upcoming Hip Hop shows in New York that I think you might be interested in...Check it out.

Obama Acceptance Speech, South Park Style!

I have an interview at the National Enquirer next week so I was browsing their Website when I came across this hilarious video. It's Obama's acceptance speech, the South Park version lol.

Who's On Twitter?!

Holla at me using the link below! I just signed up.

D On Twitter

November 6, 2008

MissBehave Party!

For all you West Coaster's out there, MissBehave Magazine is throwing a party this Saturday (November 8) in Los Angeles. They're going to have an open bar and you can get your nails did for free! You definitely can't go wrong with that! Check out the flyer below for more info.

Immortal Technique - "America's Great Hope"

After the historic election this week there has been a lot of post-commentary, mostly from political analysts and others in politics. I was checking my MySpace page and I noticed a bulletin from Immortal Technique entitled "America's Great Hope". It's pretty much an essay he wrote about the election, Barack Obama, and the future. I think it's a great look for a Hip Hop artist to express their feelings in this way so of course I had to share part of IT's essay. It's pretty long so I've only included an excerpt, but I'm sure you can probably find the entire essay on Immortal Technique's MySpace page.

"America's Great Hope"

"I watched something necessary the other night, necessary for the legitimacy of America and it’s interests around the world. Necessary for it’s religion of capitalism and it’s imperial ambition, which were not curbed in anyway with the election of an African American. Instead they gained perhaps the greatest spokesperson for their cause that they could have ever received. People that never felt inclusive now feel like part of America, like they have a personal stake in its success and for people that truly love this country, isn’t that what you wanted? To have more people who live here proud of being an American? For many people Bush was never their president, to them he stole the first election and railroaded the second one with mired swift boat attacks on John Kerry’s character while dodging facts about the mischaracterization of Iraq as somehow being involved in 9/11 and how the intelligence that led us to war was so badly distorted. Some surrogates even went as far as to suggest that Mr.
Kerry might have inflicted the wounds on himself in Vietnam to receive a Purple Heart

The same smear tactics were used all throughout this election, the same fear mongering and questions brought about Obama’s faith, place of birth and his “relationship with terrorists.” This cost the McCain campaign and it’s supporters, opportunity and legitimacy about their complaints of the future 44th President. They went beyond the simple implications of the Clinton campaign deep into the territory of arousing the fear and hatred ingrained in the minds of white citizens all over America. And yet they were denied yesterday for good reason. The mob would not have tolerated it. His victory was a restoration of the crumbling belief in our democracy, because the loss of faith; that, my brother’s and sisters is how empire’s fall, not from simple military failure but when their people no longer believe in it. During the last few years of Bush, this is what I saw. I cannot answer if there would have been rioting would he have not won, but his ascension to the Commander in Chief has made a strong case for the people’s choice being what and who control’s America. When in truth the strength and power of Military Industry and Corporate Conglomerates saw more of a champion than any urban working class citizen could have, in Obama.

Through careful planning, timed responses, tactful alienation and one of the best organized campaigns, at long last the people of America have a man that they WANT to believe in, a man they can point to as an example of the death of racism, the birth of hope and the inclusion of member’s of disaffected society in the United States.
But is this to be?

Michelle Obama was right when she talked about feeling proud to be an American for the first time. And white conservatives took it out of context. They assumed that the Black and Latino community who have had the right to vote for the past 40 of the 221 years of this countries existence should kneel and kiss the ground of a land that is only now acknowledging their service and contribution. Truthfully I am more inspired by her words than most of his. And, I am reinforced in my understanding that a man (especially one that aspires to achieve anything significant) without the right woman to support him and offer him guidance will never amount anything. Her words were prophetic for they truly did speak to the manner in which urban Black and Latino people have embraced the USA.

As I said before this was necessary for America to do… To not follow in the footsteps of the Roman Empire in its alienation of the people’s that it conquered. Their great mistake was NOT to include their allies and offer them the benefits of citizenships and partaking in the glory of what the empire gained as a reward for assimilation. Africans were on this side of the world before Columbus, but in US history they were brought as slaves, kept subservient through a Europeanized Christendom, and lied to about their glorious past, and their contributions to the history of humanity. After all it was Africans who comprised the power ranks of the early church, Africans who nursed the philosophy of the ancient Greeks and African Muslims who ruled Western Europe for over 700 years, that’s more than 3 times as long as the United States has existed as a country...

Written by Immortal Technique

November 5, 2008

Another 'Are You Serious?!'

After history was made last night and the celebrations for the evening were starting to wind down I started getting this odd feeling of paranoia. With the election of the first black president in the United States you know there's gonna be some haters out there.

So I went ahead and searched the net for the KKK's website (Yea I know, kinda weird lol) just in case they're trying to plan some shadyness so I can report their asses to the FBI or whoever. Luckily, I didn't find anything serious, but they actually have an online store where you can buy tons of ignorant shit like a baseball cap with the picture below stamped onto it. I thought it was oddly amusing so I had to share...

Wow at the KKK using a John Singleton movie for promotional purposes lol. *smh*

We Did It!

Congratulations everyone.

November 4, 2008

Are You Serious?!

A recent video of rapper Jadakiss has surfaced in which the New York rapper excitedly shows his support for Barack Obama, but like five seconds later he tells the cameraman he's not voting because he didn't register...WTF?!! This kind of thing scares the hell out of me. Because I know damn well there's a lot of celebrities and even regular folks out there who endorse the hell out of one candidate and don't even vote.

To check out the video click here.

Oh and P.S. I voted :-)

I won't say who I voted for but their last name does rhyme with "Shobama".

November 3, 2008

Nothing Special...

Howdy everyone! I haven't blogged in like three days and it seems like a lot longer due to the fact that I've been doing a lot of blogging lately. Not much to blog about at the moment so I figured I'd just check in and share some random thoughts :o)

How was everyone's Halloween? I didn't do anything. I didn't really feel like doing the whole costume thing and I didn't want to worry about getting egged late at night so I just stayed in. I wasn't too worried because me and my roommates were planning a get together at our apartment on Saturday night so I had that to look forward to. The get together was really fun. Throughout the night we probably had like 25 people come through, give or take. We ate, played charades, listened to music, drank, played UNO, ate some more, and drank some more. Unfortunately, there weren't many leftovers which I was kind of upset about because the food was tha bomb! Oh, and I made Oreo Pie and everyone loved it!!! There's plenty of leftover liquor though and ya can't go wrong with that ;-) I'm sure we'll be getting our drank on come Tuesday night, you already know.

Sunday was pretty boring, as usual. I'm really excited about tomorrow though. I can't wait to get my vote on!

P.S. This picture isn't from the party Saturday night. I took it with my Blackberry phone when me and some friends went to BBQ's a few Friday's ago. Gotta love the Texas-size Pina Colada's!