September 3, 2009

Recap Of Dos Equis Event In ATL

Last night (September 2) Dos Equis held their Most Interesting Academy event at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. It was definitely a good time. Although it's basically impossible to not have a good time when there's free beer involved.

In the main area they had DJ Craze and DJ Klever spinning and a couple of folks, including myself, were getting our dance on in the front. They also had separate rooms with all kinds of weird ish going on like How To Catch A Shark and Birds Of Prey with live birds like falcons and some other birds whose names I forget. Oh! And there was free beer, not sure if I mentioned that or not. In the side rooms they were also doing free paintings and henna tattoos. I managed to get some FlipCam footage of the event to post on here so check it out.