August 28, 2010

Twitter Take: Kanye West's "Monster"

Last night, as midnight grew closer a lot of us became a little skeptical of rapper Kanye West's promise to deliver a new track per week as part of "Good Fridays." But shortly before midnight Kanye finally delivered with the track "Monster". The song features Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and some dude named Bon Iver.

Following the release of "Monster" it seemed like everybody and their mama hit up Twitter to give praise to Nicki Minaj for her verse on the song with some people even labeling her the greatest female rapper out right now (umm that's BS). I've listened to the song twice and yea it's kinda hot, nothing mind blowing though. And I'm sorry folks but Nicki Minaj just doesn't do it for me. Just my personal preference, no hate. The random voices and accents...weird and unnecessary. I think if other lesser known female rappers got as much hype as Nicki Minaj does then we would really see how mediocre she is, but unfortunately real female rappers don't get any play these days. With that being said let's take it to the Tweets!!