August 5, 2010

Senor Kaos - "Bad Bad Man"

After somewhat of a short, musical hiatus (okay, hiatus may be somewhat of an exaggeration) rapper Senor Kaos is back with his new track "Bad Bad Man." The song features Stat Quo and Ekundayo and is produced by Sweatbox Productions.

I'm gonna try to do things a little differently with this post. I have yet to hear Kaos' song so I'm going to type my thoughts on "Bad Bad Man" while I'm listening to it. Groundbreaking right?? Okay, here goes...

Ughhh, library WiFi sucks. I'm downloading the song now and it says I have 44 minutes left until it completes. Really now? For a 6MB song? Well, alrighty then...Twitter, here I come.

Hot beat. It has me nodding my head a little bit in this here library.

Daaang, who you mad at Kaos?! He's clearly snapping on this one folks.

"Eat some extra vegetables hos." <<< Ha!

"I heard better spit from tobacco chewers." <<< Dang mayne!

Okay, no more lyric quotes.

Stat Quo time...

Oooo you better work that alliteration Stat Quo! Hotness!

Ekundayo, definitely an artist I haven't really heard of but so far, so good.

Umm, the song just cut off even though it wasn't over at the 2:49 mark. I quit with this WiFi.

The End. I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts :-)

Click here to download "Bad Bad Man."