August 16, 2010

Jessica Simpson Collection

I've never really been too impressed by a celebrity collection of clothing/shoes/etc., but I recently saw an amazing pair of Jessica Simpson Collection sandals in Macy's and following that I checked out her collection online. I was even more impressed with what I saw online. The Jessica Simpson Collection consists of clothing, shoes, accessories, coats, and handbags all for a decent price.

I was most impressed by the shoes and the collection has tons of them. Only thing is the shoes in the collection must sell out really quickly because the few I've seen are only available in small sizes (6, 6.5, you get the idea). Also, at the moment they only have about six pairs of boots for sale. Hopefully, they'll add more of those as we get closer to fall because I looove my boots!

Here's a sampling of my favorite pieces from the Jessica Simpson Collection.

Rosie Clutch, $34.99

Wasima, $98

Junie, $89

Berry Bijoux Bracelet, $42

Belted Strapless Dollars, $69

Cadiz Western Shirt, $59

Mely, $69