August 5, 2010

Picture Diaries: Black Eyed Peas At Bacardi VIP Room

I'm sure the Black Eyed Peas were in quite the celebratory mood at the Bacardi VIP Room event at New York City's Avenue last night (August 4). Earlier this week the Black Eyed Peas made music history when "Got A Feeling" became the best selling song in digital music history.

The Bacardi VIP Room event also served as the official launch for the Taboo Deltah 3008 Collection (available at Footaction). Pictures from the event are provided below.

Photo's courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris.

BEP's Taboo rockin' the Taboo Deltah kicks. They actually aren't that bad. For some reason I absolutely love high-top, red sneakers so these of course get my approval.

Shout out to and his man purse :-\