August 9, 2010

Handbag Diaries: Black And White Semi-Vintage Bag

It's been a minute since I hit ya'll with a "Handbag Diaries" piece and that's actually kind of surprising because there's nothing that I love more than talking about my handbags lol. I hope that didn't sound too vain :-\

Today's handbag is yet another bag I purchased at Atlanta's Rag-O-Rama in Little Five Points. Since Rag-O-Rama is one of those "recycle your wardrobe" type stores, you can bring in gently used items and trade them for store credit or cash IF they choose to buy any of your items. I brought in a couple of things and they took one shirt and offered me $3.15 in store credit or about $2 in cash. I took the store credit and headed straight to their selection of handbags and I came across this little gem.

The bag was $10 so with my store credit I paid almost $8. Not too bad, right? I love the combination of black and white colors. I initially thought the bag was leather, but I don't think it is although it could definitely pass for it. I've been really drawn to cross body bags for some reason, I guess it's because of the convenience of them so that was another perk of this handbag. Below are a few more pictures of my new bag.