July 23, 2010

Shortomatic's Artist Designed Board Shorts

For those of you looking for an alternative to your sometimes bland and uninspiring board shorts you may want to check out Shortomatic.com. Shortomatic provides a number of artist designed board shorts that are both visually appealing and a quality product. If you aren't feeling any of the shorts on the Shortomatic Website (which I doubt) then you can actually design your own pair on Shortomatic.com using whatever graphics you like. Both the artist designed shorts and the "Create Your Own" pair are available for purchase for a little over $100. The price may be somewhat steep, but keep in mind that you are getting a quality product that is custom printed and sewn to order.

I was able to check out a few sample pairs of Shortomatic board shorts and I was really impressed with the graphics. I received three pairs of women's board shorts and three pairs of men's. Surprisingly enough, I found that I was way more impressed with the women's board shorts then I was with the men's. I usually find that with brands that sell both women's and men's clothing women usually end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to designs and graphics. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the women's shorts.

My favorite pair is easily the "Snarl" board short designed by Ashley Johnson(pictured below). The graphics are amazingly vivid. I was showing someone that particular pair of board shorts and they thought the graffiti was actually sprayed on. Below are pictures of the three women's sample board shorts I received for review including the pair I just mentioned.

Snarl - Ashley Johnson

Bunny - Claudia Hek

iWonder - William Cawley

Be sure to hit up Shortomatic.com if you're interested in buying a pair.