July 6, 2010

Earthly Body's "Love" Hair Care Line (Review)

The Love hair care line from Earthly Body consists of a number of natural ingredients that will have any "hair-nista" raving. The entire line consists of products that contain hemp seed oil and Argan oil (a.k.a "The Good Stuff"). I recently had the opportunity to review three products from the line: the Soaking Wet shampoo, Dew conditioner, and hair elixir. Check out my review of each product below.

Soaking Wet Shampoo - I have yet to find a shampoo that I'm actually head over heels for and the Soaking Wet shampoo will definitely be added to the category of "average shampoos." When I was done rinsing the shampoo out it didn't leave my hair feeling extra dry like some shampoo's do, but that was really the only plus. I also found that the shampoo was somewhat watery. (8 oz. bottle, $13.99)

Dew Conditioner - Unlike the Soaking Wet shampoo I actually saw some results with the Dew Conditioner. Although I do wish the conditioner was a little thicker I thought it was slick enough for combing and detangling. Once the conditioner was rinsed out (I never thoroughly rinse conditioner out of my hair) it felt very soft and manageable. The only reason I might hesitate to buy this conditioner is because you don't get a whole lot of product for your money. I pretty much used half the bottle for just one wash. (8 oz. bottle, $15.99)

Hair Elixir - If I could sum up the review for the hair elixir in one word it would definitely be "wow." I know that sounds extra corny, but this product is really amazing. When I initially used the hair elixir it was shortly after washing it. I added my Garnier Sleek & Shine leave-in conditioner then I put in the elixir. First off, I'm in love with the smell. I'm horrible at describing smells, but it kind of has a Brazilian nut type of smell to it. The hair elixir is a combination of oils so of course it has an oily texture to it. When I initially put the elixir in my hair it gave it a nice sheen, nothing too overwhelming and it also added some moisture which is always a plus. The hair elixir works well on both wet and dry hair. (2 oz. bottle, $22.99)

Overall, I was impressed with the Love hair care line. I really found that my hair felt softer after using all of the products. I can do without the shampoo, but I would definitely suggest the Dew conditioner and hair elixir.

The review above is based on samples I received.