July 12, 2010

Earthly Body Glow Oil (Review)

About a week ago I posted a review of Earthly Body's Love hair care line. I was also lucky enough to try out their Glow Oil moisturizer.

The Glow Oil comes in a variety of scents including Morrocan Nights, Skinny Dip, High Tide, Wild Surf, and more. I was able to sample the Skinny Dip scent and I'm in love with it. If you've ever walked into a Sephora store and smelled Aquolina's Pink Sugar line then you know exactly what the Glow Oil Skinny Dip scent smells like. They are that similar.

I was a little skeptical about using an oil during these summer months since it's so humid out. So instead of putting the Glow Oil on my entire body I've been using it on my legs. It actually absorbs pretty fast for an oil and it really does give your skin more of a glow than a shine...if that makes sense at all. I kind of equate shine with the skin being greasy or slick and you don't get that with the Glow Oil because it absorbs into the skin so fast.

I've had the Glow Oil for about two weeks now and I've used it everyday. The scent has definitely got me hooked, but it really is a good product. And this is coming from someone who thought that using an oil as a substitute for lotion was absurd. Now I see the light lol.

Glow Oil is available for purchase on EarthlyBody.com for $15.99 (8 oz. bottle). Oh, and they also sell an edible version of Glow Oil ;-)

The review above is based on samples I received.