July 17, 2010

"Bad Girls Club Miami" - Episode 1 Review

This weekend I had the opportunity to check out the first episode of "Bad Girls Club Miami" before its premiere early next month and let me tell you these chics are off the chain. I'm sure that's no surprise, but wow! As the title states the show has relocated to the city of Miami and I think the change of scenery was a nice change. Although I am starting to feel somewhat bad for Miami. They've got "Basketball Wives," "Jersey Shore," and now "Bad Girls Club." Must be rough.

In typical "Bad Girl" fashion the show started off with friendly hugs and moderately pleasant meet and greets, but ultimately ended in a house divided. Personalities clashed and resulted in the creation of two cliques in the house. Surprise, surprise...

Here's my take on the cast of "Bad Girls Club Miami."

The most irritating of the bunch is Morgan, a Miami resident who thinks (emphasis on "thinks") she's the most gorgeous girl in Miami. Like Natalie from the last season of "Bad Girls Club" Morgan claims to be quite the mover and shaker in her city. Of course the other ladies are extremely leery of that (and for good reason). Mark my words, she's definitely going to be an issue in the house.


The stripper chic Brandy kinda scares me. I'm not gonna lie. She's one to watch out for. Who knows what kind of stripper attack moves she's ready to try out. I'm not really sure what to think about Danielle. I kinda like her then at the same time I kinda don't. Makes no sense, right? In a way Danielle and another castmate, Erica, kind of remind me of Ailea from a few seasons ago. And I was definitely not feeling that chic.

My favorites right now are Lea and Kristen. Lea's kind of the punk-rockish type and during the first episode she chose not to partake in some shadyness and that gets the Episode 1 approval from me. Kristen, she's just funny. She's clearly the get completely wasted and act like a complete moron type, but she made me chuckle a bit.

After watching the first episode Catya, a video vixen who has been linked to various rappers/celebs, seems like the castmate you're least likely to talk about the next day because she didn't stand out at all. I mean that's definitely a good thing in the scheme of things, but not when you're a character (yes, character) on a reality show.


Although entertaining the first episode of "Bad Girls Club Miami" is pretty reminiscent of past premieres of the show. You have one girl complaining about wanting to go home the first day, acts of extreme drunkenness, the creation of clique's, drinks being throw in each others faces, exposed body parts, and a crazy, cliffhanger ending that is sure to have you watching the next episode of "Bad Girls Club Miami."

Oh wait! The episode does include an appearance from some "Jersey Shore" rejects and a few fist pumps! That's definitely new.

Guido Love!

"Bad Girls Club Miami" premieres on Tuesday, August 3 at 9/8 Central on Oxygen.