November 9, 2009

Rachel By Rachel Roy

While doing some research for a piece I did for I came across designer Rachel Roy's line of clothing and accessories and I was blown away by a number of her jewelry pieces.

I'm really into accessories that are statement pieces, pieces that you probably won't see many other people rocking. This is why I'm really feeling a lot of Rachel Roy's pieces. And the great thing is her pieces range in price from the low $20's to the $100 and up range. I even saw one of her necklaces on sale at Macy for only $12.99! So if you're willing to splurge she definitely gives you that option.

Her pieces range from couture to Hip Hop (peep the Boom Box earrings I'm in love with), giving Rachel by Rachel Roy an extra heap of versatility. If you're feeling her pieces as much as I am check out or

Worn Gold Necklace With Pink Crystals, $75

Boom Box Wire Earring, $28

Two Finger Spear Ring, $32

Quilted Cross Body Bag, $69