November 18, 2009

If Your Favorite LOST Characters Were Rappers

For us LOST fanatics, "early 2010" couldn't come soon enough. I mean, it's like ABC wants to torture us during the off season! Not cool. Any who, the other day I came up with this idea to create a list of LOST characters and the rapper they most remind me of. So BAM! Check it out and let me know what you think!

John Locke as Russell Simmons

Baldies aside, Locke and Simmons have several things in common. They're both very spiritual and well known for their calm personalities. Oh, and yes I know Russell Simmons isn't a rapper but he's a key figure in Hip Hop and the parallels between him and Locke just had to be mentioned.

Shannon as Nicki Minaj

If there's anyone on the island who would even think of referring to another woman as "Barbie" or calling things "fetch" it would definitely be Shannon.

Jack as Jay-Z

When it comes to leadership, both Jack and Jay-Z certainly come to mind. Although one has succeeded at his leadership roles and the others leadership skills are somewhat debatable.

Sawyer as 50 Cent

Aside from looking good shirtless, both 50 Cent and Sawyer reign supreme when it comes talking shit and of course instigation.