November 16, 2009

Kanye West Online Exhibit

I've seen a lot of things on the internet, but an online interactive exhibit featuring rapper Kanye West? I haven't yet come across that, well, at least not until now. The folks over at have created an online exhibit featuring Kanye West that was created to help artists and entrepreneurs with celebrity branding. But I'm sure the exhibit will peak the interests of others as well.

"Kanye exemplifies what it means to live your brand, because he's true to his passion, and comfortable with who he is as an artist,"
said David Harley, Chief Creative Officer of BrandMakerNews. "He's the only rapper that can style a photo shoot for Elle, create a film with an academy award-winning director, design a sculpture with a Japanese artist, and remain 100 percent in his element, every step of the way."

The online exhibit features sidebars showcasing everything from "Kanye's 10 Definitive Quotes" to the number of Tweets made following the VMA fiasco involving country-pop singer Taylor Swift. The exhibit can be viewed by clicking here.