November 20, 2009

Loosey Goosey

It's Friday night and what is everyone out there in the world doing? Getting ready for a night out with the gals? A few beers with the fella's? HELL NO! You know what us cool kids are doing? We're creating bomb-ass drink recipes with super-fantastical names like the "Loosey Goosey." Here goes:


Grey Goose (pour as much as you like, don't be scurred)
Red Bull
Strawberry Kool-Aid
Skittles (any flavor, for a rocking good time use Sour Skittles)

Mix Grey Goose and Kool-Aid. Add a splash of Red Bull. Pour about 3 tablespoons or teaspoons (whatever floats your boat) of Skittles and Voila! And remember to drink responsibly you lushes!