November 8, 2009

CamiCakes, Cupcake Connoisseurs

I heart cupcakes something vicious, I wish that wasn't the case but hey it is what it is lol. A little while back I was able to sample a few cupcakes from Florida/Georgia based bakery CamiCakes at an event here in Atlanta and they were beyond delicious. When it comes to deserts it's hard to find a cake/cupcake/etc. that's both aesthetically pleasing and tastes great, but CamiCakes has somehow managed to create something that both looks and tastes good.

At $2.50 a pop (which is about average) CamiCakes comes in a variety of flavors including Red Velvet, Sweet Potato (no dice), Banana Cream, Chocolate Raspberry Almond Cream, and more. For CamiCake locations and to check out more of their flavors click here.

Let the drooling commence...