November 30, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

I both love AND hate writing this list. It's fun because I get to post my favorite products and why I would would love to have them. And it sucks because I know that I'm probably not getting a damn thing on this list for Christmas, lol. I can't be too mad though. A lot of us forget that Christmas is really for the kids and not grown ass adults.


This has to be one of the sexiest MP3 players around. I'm not really one for touch screen phones, but I think a touch screen MP3 player is doable. Plus, my 8GB MP3 player is about two album downloads away from zero memory.

$100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

I love my books. I love shopping for books. I'd have a ball with a $100 B&N gift card. I'm daydreaming about it already lol.

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume

My mom bought this perfume a few years back when she went to the Caribbean and I absolutely LOVE it. And I have yet to own my own bottle of Miss Dior Cherie so I had to add this fragrance to my wish list. And isn't the bottle just charming?

New Laptop

It doesn't have to be this Samsung laptop, but I would like one that's lightweight, portable, has lots of memory, looks good, etc. I've had my HP for about three years now so I think it's definitely time for an upgrade.

Neon Post-Its

See, I'm being a little modest with my wish list :-) I love my lil' Post-Its (and yes they have to be neon). They keep me organized like no other piece of bright, sticky paper can.