June 12, 2010

Are You A Bad Girl?

If so, Oxygen's notorious reality hit "Bad Girls Club" will be holding a casting in Atlanta. I'm not sure when or where the casting will take place, but I'm sure it's soon. To receive more info on the Atlanta casting shoot an e-mail to bgcasting@bunim-murray.com with the following info:

"...please email us a PHOTO and a brief BIO telling us why you are a "Bad Girl." Be sure to include your FULL NAME and PHONE NUMBER(s). Submissions without photos attached WILL NOT be accepted.

The subject heading of your email should include ONLY the name of the city you wish to audition in. Please choose only one city, and choose only from the cities listed above.

If you DO NOT live within driving distance of one of the cities above, you can still be considered. In this case, the subject heading of your email should be: "OUT OF AREA RECRUITING REQUEST."

Please email once. Multiple submissions may disqualify you."

Good luck and if you're chosen please don't make a total ass of yourself on TV!