June 20, 2010

NonStop - "Be Your Man"

Being a music blogger/writer I come across a lot of new music and to be quite honest a good amount of it just isn't any good. Just because you're passionate about Hip Hop that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to succeed at being a rapper. But enough about that...let's talk about the good stuff.

A 16-year-old by the name of NonStop recently hit me up with a link to his track "Be Your Man." I checked it out and I'm actually kind of impressed. It's a very radio friendly track, not something I usually gravitate towards, but for a 16-year-old it's not bad at all. He's got his own style and a nice little flow. My advice to NonStop: try not to get too "grown" with your lyrics. It makes for an awkward situation when us grown folks are listening to your music lol.

Take a listen below and let me know what ya'll think about NonStop.