June 3, 2010

Pucker Up With Korres Lip Butter

So I ran out of chapstick this week and I don't really feel like wasting $2 buying a new one when I have Vaseline and a gazillion lip glosses. Thanks to my lack of chapstick I've rediscovered the glory that is Korres Lip Butter. I've actually had my little jar of lip butter for a minute now, but the thing is I'm not really feeling the tint. It's a reddish color so every time I put it on it looks like I just finished devouring a cherry-flavored popsicle. And that's not really a good like when you're 25.

Aside from the awkward tint the product is amazing. It makes your lips unbelievably soft and smooth and it's made out of some really good stuff (shea butter, rice wax). It's great for chapped lips and you also get a really nice shine so it's basically your chapstick and lip gloss in one. Awesomeness!

For all you recessionista's out there the price might be a little worrisome. A small jar of Korres lip butter sells for about $10. You can purchase the lip butter at Sephora.com. Just make sure you get the right tint! I think I'll try for mango next time ;-)