June 30, 2010

MTV Breaks Down Deathly Hallows Trailer

posted an interesting write-up this week featuring highlights from the latest Deathly Hallows trailer. In their story MTV highlights six important moments from the trailer which is a little over two minutes long. Their six key moments are:

The Attack at the Ministry
There are only two quick shots of the Ministry battle, but they promise greatness from that scene. At 1:24, there is a shot of Ron (Rupert Grint) running away terrified, and then at 1:46, there is another shot of the Ministry employee who is pursuing him.

Godric's Hollow
Another section of "Part 1" that made it to the trailer is Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and Hermione's (Emma Watson) journey to the home of Harry's parents, Godric's Hollow. Their entrance can be seen at the one-minute mark, and even though it looks like only Hermione is walking, that is because Harry is under the invisibility cloak. There is a lot more to the location than meets the eye, though, and you can see Harry being attacked by Voldemort's snake Nagini inside Bathilda Bagshot's home at 1:47.

Ron Destroying the Slytherin Necklace Horcrux
In the scene that has long been assumed will close out "Part 1," Ron reunites with Harry in the woods and helps him destroy one of Voldemort's Horcruxes. At 1:17, Ron can be seen looking terrified of the images the Horcrux is showing them (some pretty scandalous scenes between Harry and Hermione), and then at 1:48, Harry can be seen encouraging Ron to "kill it!"

The Gringott's Break-In
Switching to moments that will (assumedly) occur in "Part 2," it might seem a bit confusing to see Harry riding alongside his enemy Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) with a goblin named Griphook (Warwick Davis) at :54, but that's actually because Hermione is impersonating Bellatrix, a scene Carter said she enjoyed playing. The shot of a half-blind dragon at 1:16 also comes from the Gringott's scene, and the dragon flying away from the wizarding bank at 1:39 is the trio's escape route to safety.

Harry's First Confrontation With Voldemort
It was an interesting move to open up the trailer with one of the final scenes in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," but the shots of Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) standing with his Death Eaters in the woods and Harry approaching them actually come toward the end of the story. "Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, come to die!" Voldemort announces dramatically in the trailer, before seemingly casting the killing curse — Avada Kedavra — on Harry.

The Final Battle
A good portion of the action scenes that are shown in the trailer are taken from the final battle sequence that will take place at the end of "Part 2." USA Today announced that the battle was expanded for the film, which means those shots of people running at each other in the woods are probably from the creative mind of director David Yates. But the wand confrontation between Harry and Voldemort at 1:59 is right out of the book, and Voldemort's final line of the trailer — "Only I can live forever" — is a daunting way of teasing the final installments of the "Harry Potter" franchise.

I have to admit I'm getting really excited about this movie. I kind of jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon a little late (I've only read the last two books), but I'm extremely impressed with the two books I've read and all the movies they've put out thus far. The movie for the last book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," will be divided into two parts with the first part being released November of this year. I'm pretty sure both movies will be nothing short of epic. The trailer below features bits from both part one and part two.