June 14, 2010

Big Boi - "General Patton" (Video)

Atlanta rapper Big Boi has been on a roll this month. It seems like every week there's either a new video, new track, or both! Most recently, Big Boi released the video for the cracktastical (meaning REALLY good) track "General Patton." Personally, I'm diggin' the video. I'm all for music videos that show people having a good time because that's what music is supposed to do.

Shortly after the "General Patton" video debuted I was on RapRadar watching the vid and someone in the comments section was upset because they thought it was just another mediocre, low budget video from Big Boi. I thought that was kinda bogus because the budget doesn't make the video, the music does. As far as the music video is concerned I would much rather see Big Boi chillin' at the bowling alley with his homies as opposed to Big Boi on a yacht in South Beach drinking absurd amounts of Hennessy with some video chics.