December 6, 2009

Love Lost For Alicia Keys

I've been a fan of Alicia Keys since she was rocking beaded up cornrows, but with new music from her surfacing this month I have yet to listen to a single song. Why? Because I find myself confused about the situation with her and Swizz Beatz. I find it hard to listen to someone sing a song about love and it turns out they were having relations with a married man (who also has children). I love Alicia Keys' music, but now it just doesn't seem genuine anymore.

When reports started surfacing on gossip sites like and about Alicia Keys and rapper/producer Swizz Beatz I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, "Damn, these gossip sites are hella desperate." There was absolutely no way the woman who sang "Superwoman" or ironically "Karma" could be having relations with a married man. No way...WAY! I believe it was Swizz Beatz who revealed that the two had actually been seeing each other in a song he released. I was pretty shocked to say the least.

I know celebrities are always told to keep their business behind closed doors, but I think it would be beneficial for AK to speak on this whole situation. Personally, I think if I knew what the situation was (even though I really have no right to know) I'd feel a little better about listening to her music.

At the end of the day it's none of our business what the relationship is between Alicia and Swizz. Just think about this though: If we don't like buying music from rappers who lie about all the women they've slept with, dope they've sold, cars they have, etc. what's gonna make us want to buy an album from a possible jezebel singing about love?