December 30, 2009

The Light-Skinded Grace Jones

Nah!! But what do ya'll think about the homegirl Amber Rose? I honestly thought the hype surrounding her would have died down by now, but apparently not.

My take on Amber Rose is the follwing: At first I kinda disliked her because she just seemed too damn gimmicky (the blonde buzz-cut, the scripper Cinderella story), then I realized I was being a hater and I actually kinda liked her style/swagger (I promise I won't use "swagger" once 2009 is over), and now I'm just getting tired of seeing the chic everywhere. Nothing against her, it's just she's literally everywhere: magazines, blogs, etc.

Once her relationship with Kanye West is over I wonder if we'll still see her as much as we do now. Hmm...

Oh, and by the way the picture above is from Amber's latest photoshoot with Vibe Magazine. To view more of her pics visit