December 5, 2009

CunninLynguists Ticket Giveaway (NYC Only)

If you frequent this blog then you probably remember me mentioning possibly doing some kind of giveaway a few months back. Well, I'm finally doing it! Yay! I'm giving out a pair of tickets to the December 11 CunninLynguists show at the Highline Ballroom in New York City.

The normal way of giving these tickets out would probably be to ask some kind of trivia question on the CunninLynguists, right? Wrong! Here at The D Diaries we (me, Danielle) don't do "normal." That being said, pick a number one through 30. Yes, pick a number between one and 30 and e-mail it to me at The person to come closest to the number I have chosen wins. Winner will be chosen on Tuesday, December 8.

Also, there will be another ticket giveaway next week (for a show at Highline Ballroom) so be on the lookout for that.