April 15, 2010

Kelis Releases Album Art For Flesh Tone

First Thought: It's definitely different. Although it's always hard to clarify whether "different" is a good thing or not. Second Thought: She looks like a damn 80's super-hero! Third Thought: Lady Gaga bandwagon maybe? Maybe... Fourth Thought: With an album titled Flesh Tone I definitely thought there would be a little more nudity. Ah well. Black Thought: Shout out to The Roots!

NOW that that's out the way I have one concern I want to address regarding Kelis. I'm sure we all know about the money she's about to get from rapper and ex-husband Nas. My thing is it really doesn't look like this chic is struggling. You went super-couture for your album cover, you're performing every week, etc. so do you really need all that damn money Kelis??? Do ya? DO YA? Exactly! Talk about milking it for all it's worth.

And on a super side-note...MAN I MISS BLOGGING!