April 21, 2010

Reality Travel Show Casting Alert

So casting company Gotham Casting is offering a fabulous opportunity to an "inexperienced traveler" out there. They're looking for someone to appear in a pilot episode for a new travel reality show. I know Gotham Casting works with MTV and VH1 a lot so it could easily be a possible show for one of those networks (maybe). Here's a little more info from the e-mail I received:

What this is: a show about travel, fun, exploration, and discovery

What this is not: a show about situations, competition or contest
There is no financial compensation for this role.

You will have all of your travel costs paid for, meals provided and get an experience of a lifetime.

You are:
Between ages 18-21
never traveled outside of USA
been to less than 5 major cities within the USA
available to be on location for up to 7 days at a single time

for consideration, please submit the following to

Put "Reality Travel Show" in Subject line and include:

1. name / age / contact information (telephone & email) / city and state you live in and nearest major airport
2. photo (photo must be recent - within last 6 weeks and does not need to be professional)
3. have you ever been on tv? if yes, what show and do you have a contract prohibiting you from participating in this project?
4. where have you traveled to?
5. where do you want to travel to and why? (give one place within the USA and one place anywhere in the world)
6. why do you want to be on a reality tv show about travel?
7. do you have a passport?

Good luck to anyone giving this a shot!