March 18, 2010

Killer Shades

So I'm supposed to be getting contacts in the very near future (like two weeks) and checking out these bad ass sunglasses (pictured below) is making me more and more eager for my eye exam. Since I've worn eye glasses for about twenty years (I'm 25) I've NEVER worn sunglasses in my life! That being said I think I definitely deserve a decent pair of shades :-) While the Dior's are quite lovely, needless to say they're a little over my budget right now. Now the Carrera shades are a lot more reasonable with prices starting around $98.


The picture above is part of a new marketing campaign Carrera will be launching this spring.

Fans of vintage Carrera sunglasses will be pleased to hear that they are now available for purchase for a little under one-hundred dollars.

Dior Glossy Gold Limited Edition

At a mouth-dropping $1,295 this pair of Dior sunglasses is truly made for the fashion elite. The 18-carat gold lettering that creates the Dior logo gives this pair of sunglasses an uber-sophisticated feel.