April 29, 2010

Why We Love Common

The thing with Common is that every female I know absolutely loves him. Females hardly ever agree on anything! No matter what their race is, age is, or what their sexual preference might happen to be...the ladies adore Common (sorry LL). We all know Common looks great, but I think it's more of a package deal with him (and no not that kind of package).

He has amazing looks (one word: cheekbones), we all know he's hella talented musically (acting eh), and it seems like he has a pretty decent personality. What more can you ask for? This is personally why I think the ladies dig him. He's the ideal man. The prototype. I mean, imagine if he had those same greats looks and musical talent but had the arrogant personality of say...50 Cent? Or what if he was just as charming and talented but resembled Biz Markie's long lost twin brother? Exactly. I definitely don't think I'd be feelin' him as much.

And let's all be sure to check out Common's new movie, Just Wright, when it's released next month because alas' he's not playing a gangster who says 10 words max the entire movie.

(P.S. Please tell my why Googling pictures of Common for this entry was the highlight of my night? Lol!)