January 25, 2010

Spree Wilson DXNext Interview

I actually meant to post this interview a few days ago when the interview was posted on HipHopDX, but hey I'm a slacker sometimes (Kanye shrugs it out). Anywho, please do check it out. Spree had a lot of really interesting things to say about music in general.

Tennessee-born, Atlanta-bred artist Spree Wilson is a self-described “gumbo” of sounds. You never quite know what to expect when it comes to Spree’s music, but that usually makes it all the more memorable. With a list of musical influences that would make both diehard rock fans and Hip Hop heads proud Spree clearly has a sound all his own. His eclectic sound has even garnered praise from artists such as Q-Tip and Jay Electronica, and a production hand from No I.D.

In this DXnext, Spree speaks on everything from comparisons to Andre3000 to his recent career move from Atlanta to New York City.

Influences: “It’s not a particular genre that influences me more than the other. I get influenced by everything. It’s little things I pick up from here and there and I kinda just piece them together. Kinda like a jigsaw puzzle. I wouldn’t say Hip Hop influenced me more than Rock & Roll or Rock & Roll influenced me more than Jazz. At the end of the day it’s all equal to me. Music is music, and it’s something I can learn from anybody. Whether it’s somebody like Thelonious Monk or somebody like [Beach Boys singer] Brian Wilson you know what I mean. Somebody who can create music on a higher level.”

The Spree Wilson Sound: “It’s like a pot of gumbo. When you stick your spoon in it you don’t even know what you gonna get. You might get some shrimp, you might get some okra, some chicken. I don’t know. That’s what I describe it as. Something like that, something to that effect. Something that’s different, but good for the soul.”

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