January 27, 2010

The Amber Rose Instrumentals

Yes, you read correctly. That does in fact say The Amber Rose Instrumentals. A producer by the name of Judah has gone out and released a compilation of instrumentals inspired by the one and only skripper turned rapper girlfriend Amber Rose. And if you think this is already kinda crazy check out the tracklisting:

01.) The Call From Amber (Produced By Judah)
02.) Rose' For Amber (Produced By Judah)
03.) Can't We Do It Over (Produced By Judah)
04.) Love Therapy (Produced By Judah)
05.) My Damn Imagination... (Produced By Judah)
06.) When Love Leaves (Produced By Judah)
07.) I Don't Care If You Was A Skripper (Produced By Judah)
08.) The Thank You (Produced By Judah)
09.) Slowly, Surely (Produced By Judah)
10.) Unconditional Love (Produced By The Judah)
11.) Dig This You Broad!!! (Produced By Judah)
12.) Revenge Is Sooo Sweet (Produced By Judah)
13.) The Imaginary Split (Produced By Judah)

I gotta give it to him though I'm probably gonna check this one out because of pure curiosity. I bet Kanye is kicking himself right now for not coming up with this idea first! Then again, probably not...