January 12, 2010

"Motions Of The Ocean" Valentine's Day Sleepover

On Valentine's Day weekend, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta will hold an adult sleepover...*crickets* And if you think that's already somewhat creepy wait til you hear what they're calling the event, "Motions Of The Ocean"...*crickets again*

Okay, okay my internet sarcasm is making this event sound a lot creepier than it actually is so I'll stop now lol.

Basically, the event will consist of a dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck and then a lecture from Dr. Al Dove and Sr. Biologist Patricia Dove. I'm really trying to kill the sarcasm right now, but that fancy catered dinner they're putting on will be followed by a discussion on the mating habits of marine animals and that is just TOO damn hilarious to me! Anywho, following the dinner and discussion attendee's have the choice of spending the night at the aquarium for the adult sleepover.

Prices are as follows:

Lecture and Dinner: Member - $80 per person; Non-Member - $90
Lecture, Dinner and Sleepover: Member - $135; Non-Member - $160

P.S. Dammit! I think I've made fun of this event so much that now I actually want to go.