May 11, 2010

Picture Diaries: Big Boi Listening Session (Atlanta)

On Saturday, May 8 Amoura from The Girls I Love and I had the opportunity to check out the Atlanta album listening session for Big Boi's upcoming project Sir Luscious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty. It was definitely off the chain. Good music, drinks, and food...what more can you ask for? I got a couple of pics in while I was there. They aren't the greatest, but I figured I'd post them on here.

Be sure to check out my recap of the event over at And look out for Big Boi's album when it drops on July 6.

Big Boi's son. His wife, mother, and other relatives also came out to the listening session.

His son pretty much "cut a rug" all night!

And when he was done cutting a rug...