May 4, 2010

Wrap It Up And Lube It Up

While browsing through pictures on my computer reminiscing on the good ol' days I came across this picture and could not control my laughter.

If you're wondering how in the hell this pic came about here's how...When I used to live in Brooklyn we lived right across the street from a gay bar called StarLite. And of course upon exiting the bar there was always two huge containers full of lube and condoms. Basically, every time my roommates and I went there we would grab fists full of it for no reason at all because we unfortunately weren't using them lol.

And that's how pictures like the one above come about. Boredom, goofiness, and gay bars. I'm just mad that I don't have any pictures of the condom balloons. Yea, we made condom balloons one night and threw them out the window of our brownstone apartment. Cause that's what grown folks do!