May 28, 2010

Microsoft Kin/Big Boi Show Recap

Last night in Atlanta I had one of the best times yet! And I pray to the Gods that this is a sampling of what this summer will be like in the A.

So the good folks over at Microsoft Kin held a secret show in Atlanta yesterday (May 27) that consisted of performances from Big Boi, YelaWolf, and Jay Electronica. Oh, and for all you lushes out there there was an open bar at the event also. Each person was allowed four drinks. Big shout out to all the double fisters who were at the show last night. You alcoholics crack me up every time!

Any who, Jay Electronica kicked off the show and killed it of course. He even went into some hilarious rant about women who like being choked during sex. Random, I know. The crowd loved it though. Next up was Alabama's own YelaWolf. Catfish Billy hit the audience with "Pop The Trunk" and even brought out Atlanta rapper Pill for "I Wish."

Last but not least was Big Boi and when I tell you his performance was was INSANE. He hit us with a few classic Outkast tracks like "Rosa Parks," "B.o.B," and "ATLiens." He performed "Shutterbugg" from his upcoming album Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty. And he absolutely murderrred it with "Kryptonite!" The entire crowd went wild. The floor in the venue was literally bouncing. I stepped on like three different peoples feet and what did they do? One guy hugged me and the other two smiled. It was that type of atmosphere. Everyone was just worried about having a good time.

Soooo if Microsoft Kin can throw a free concert featuring Big Boi I'm thinking Blackberry or iPhone can sponsor a free Outkast reunion concert? What do ya'll think? Am I pushing it?