October 7, 2010

My First Fried Oreo

I got to experience a little taste of heaven this week when I tried my first ever fried Oreo. What's a fried Oreo you ask? It's basically what the name implies, it's an Oreo fried in batter and easily 1,000 calories. Okay, maybe not 1,000 but I'm sure it's probably pretty darn close.

My first fried Oreo experience was courtesy of Munchies ATL located in Riverdale, Georgia (about 30 or so minutes from Atlanta). They were nice enough to let myself and a few other people sample them. They add their own little twist to the fried Oreo, offering both the classic Oreo and a strawberry Oreo as well. And all of their fried Oreo's are drizzled in chocolate. Sounds delish, right? If Oreos aren't your thing then they've still got you covered. On top of their signature fried Oreos Munchies also sells fried brownies, fried cheesecake, and funnel cake sticks.

Aside from Munchies' variety of sweet treats they also sell burgers (which they say rivals that of Five Guys), wings, seafood, and ummm...salads. Be sure to check out Munchies on both Facebook and Twitter.