October 10, 2010

Picture Diaries: A3C Hip Hop Festival

As expected the A3C Hip Hop Festival was pretty darn amazing. I saw some favorites perform, gained some new favorites, and met sooooo many cool people. I didn't really take too many pictures since I only had my lil' rinky dink digital camera, but here's the best of what I did capture. Enjoy!

Oddly enough, this was the only picture I have from my first day at A3C. We hit up Vortex in Midtown for some grub following Friday's festivities.

I absolutely love the lighting in this picture. Some b-boys and b-girls were doing their thing Saturday afternoon in front of the big Red Bull stage.

Senor Kaos!

Hollyweerd on the 2DopeBoyz stage.

Next stop...SXSW suckaaaas!


Homeboy Sandman & Pack FM!



H-Town's own Killa Kyleon.

Mistah Fab!

The Atlanta Brave himself, Donnis.


Kidz N The Hall!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Killer Mike + Immortal Technique = Pure INSANITY! (I'll be uploading video from their performance some time tonight)

Emilio Rojas!
The End.