June 30, 2009

"Death Of ?"

With the recent release of Jay-Z’s “Death Of Autotune” I felt kind of inspired to kill a few things off myself. Death of swag anyone? So I’ve created a list of "Death Of’s" we’re in need of and the artist I found suitable to perform each song. Enjoy!

“Death Of Skinny Jeans” - Kid Cudi
I guess his knots fit...

“Death Of Constant, Unnecessary Name Changes” - Diddy
Puff, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P Diddy...the madness has to end somewhere because I refuse to call this dude "Did".

“Death Of MySpace” - Tom
RIP MySpace.

“Death Of The Gimmick Song” - Hurricane Chris featuring Halle Berry
The last thing Hip Hop needs right now is an ode to Halle Berry.