June 29, 2009

MJ's Legacy

After the recent passing of legendary artist Michael Jackson I’ve found that people seem a little too eager to fill Michael’s shoes. The man hasn’t even been gone for a week and I’m already hearing talk of Beyonce being the likely candidate to replace him. And in response to that:

1. Is it actually necessary to find a replacement for Michael? Because from the looks of it it seems like people are really pushing for this as if it’s something that needs to be done. Slow your roll people. This man was a legend. A legend. I don’t think people understand what exactly a “legend” is these days because we’re so used to mediocrity. Michael is someone who if I ever have kids they will know who Michael Jackson is. They will know his music.

2. And if somehow we deem it necessary to find Michael’s “legacy” replacement (which still sounds absolutely crazy to me) then we need to have some kind of group vote ‘cause I am not rolling with Beyonce on this one. Yes, she is a great artist, a great performer, etc. but she is nowhere near legend status in my opinion.

We’re always trying to find a replacement for something these days. Is it our lack of patience? Unwillingness to just let things be? What is it?

For me, there will never be a replacement for Michael Jackson and we might as well just leave it at that.

Picture found at NecoleBitchie.com.