February 24, 2009

I'm Back (Again)

Hey folks, after another hiatus I'm back. And I'm really, really gonna try hard to post on a regular basis this time :-) With the stresses of life these days it's sometimes hard to dedicate your time to something 100 percent. But I enjoy blogging a lot so I'm really going to try to.

Anyways, I was checking my e-mails the other day and I got an e-mail from the good folks at EOW about a MTV2 documentary they were gonna appear in. Of course, I'm really glad for them but I really expected to see like 30 seconds of footage of them tops lol. 'Cause I just kinda figured that MTV2 is probably stingy like that. To my surprise and delight, a few of my pals from EOW really got some serious play in this documentary. It's a very good look for them and I'm definitely excited about posting the video on my blog.

So check it out and for those of you who don't know End of the Weak (EOW) holds their weekly open-mic Sunday nights at Pyramid Club in Manhattan's Lower East Side. I assure you you'll have a good time and if you're as lucky as me you might even get shoved by KRS One's security one night :-) Gotta love security...

For more information on the documentary, entitled The Elements, click here.