October 26, 2009

Recap: Erykah Badu Live In Atlanta (Vid+Pics)

On Sunday, October 25 I had the opportunity to check out the extremely talented Erykah Badu live in concert here in Atlanta. Before Ms. Badu performed the audience was treated to performances by comedian Ricky Smiley and singer Rahbi. As expected Ricky Smiley was HIGH-larious and although I'm not really sure if the audience was totally feeling him, I personally liked Rahbi. His energy was crazyyy and I thought he was kind of a breath of fresh air musically.

About an hour and a half after the show began Erykah Badu finally hit the stage dressed in a tan trench coat, a pair of shiny, black harem paints, and black top hat. She performed a number of her classics including "Next Lifetime" and "Love Of My Life." She even did a little (a lot of) rapping and some mixing on the MPC. The rapping and the MPC was hot and all, but I would have preferred to hear more of her music.

Plus, a lot of people (including myself) were upset when she ended the show without performing "Tyrone". And to add insult to injury we later found out that maybe a few minutes after she left the stage she came back out to perform "Tyrone" and several other songs. Total bummer. All in all it was still a great show from a great artist.

Oh, and I didn't have my FlipCam on me, but I was able to get some decent footage as well as some pictures with my digital camera. Check it out!