August 11, 2009

T-Pain, Florida State University President?

I found this quite hilarious...A graduate student at Florida State University is campaigning to have rapper T-Pain as the new president of Florida State University. The current president at FSU will be retiring and I guess the students are really looking for a change. Now if you thought all this was funny, check out the platform a Facebook group has created for T-Pain:

Widespread collaboration among the faculty of different departments: Guest spots on each other's papers and projects.

Complimentary Dranks for everyone (students and faculty) representing FSU at all academic conferences.

Annual Ice Cream Social to take place On A Boat.

Replacing the water in all campus fountains and water fountains with Cham-Pain.

The formation of the FSU College of Hip Hop, with a new Rap Concert Hall to break ground in Spring 2010.

I actually went to Florida State for two years so trust me those kids down there have nothing better to do lol.