August 17, 2009

Michael Vick Apologizes (Again) In Blog

The folks over at are really doing big things. The site, which features a bunch of different celebrity blogs, recently got former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to give them an exclusive blog. In his blog, Vick basically apologizes for what he did and promises to be a better man.

Personally, I feel that he's paid his dues and I think that he should be allowed to move on with his life. Of course, dog fighting is a horrible thing to do but basically he was crucified for his actions partly because he was a black man making millions. There's plenty of people who have done far worse and they weren't given this kind of treatment.

But, I swear if he releases one more apology he's gonna be overdoing it and I truly believe that people are really gonna start to question his sincerity. Let the past be the past and...GO EAGLES!!

Here's an excerpt from Vick's Global Grind blog:

"What I did was horrendous. Awful. Inhumane. And I've no excuses for my actions. It makes my heart hurt now to think about what I've done. And I'm gonna be real honest, it took a while for me to get to this place.

Sitting in a prison cell didn't make me feel remorse. It was meeting so many animal lovers, speaking with them and looking them in their eyes..."

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